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Thumbs down this just in

Originally Posted by gottarollwithit View Post
Seems like you're not getting quality advice from your locals.
Agreed; not a happy lesson.
Originally Posted by gottarollwithit View Post
Forget bars, braces, upgrades, etc. Did you get the coil thing fixed?
Not only that, I feel I got ahead of myself by ordering the cat from FCP, which won't even leave the supplier until 4/12. Then, the car was running rather well.

Originally Posted by gottarollwithit View Post
FYI, the Magnaflow EO numbered cat is not a drop in fit. I think it had 2 straight ends when i bought it. As i remember, the factory cat uses a sealing ring, thus requiring a bevel on the ends of the cat.
That's what the illustrations show and part of why I ordered the other. What appears an identical cat to the EO MagnaFlow, is half its price. That's pricey for an EO tag!

As for the 'coil' or whatever demon is tormenting me: I worked through the ignition section (again) of the pdf, 740 No Start. I can smell fuel with no spark.

In the course of the above, the coil, Power Module and ballast resistors were unplugged as directed. I could find neither a failure of any test nor any 100% agreement, but when I had all reconnected, the engine started! Say what? Okay, it ran for about 20 seconds, then died; would not restart. The only components not replaced are the Hall sensor, which those tests say operates the fuel pump via the relay, and the ECU.

It seems a reboot of something got it running, then slowly killed it. I pulled the ECU and can smell no 'burnt' aroma, but didn't open it, as if a visual will tell me more than a smell, except in the case of a huge failure.
Short answer: no, the 'coil' issue remains. I've briefly searched for a replacement, with many on that auction site, but few have any warranty.

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