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Good news everyone!
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Originally Posted by arsenix View Post
Hmm... I'm always thinking about weight. Those control arms look heavy! They look like steel versions of bmw control arms...

Steering rack tie rods are longer then I assume?
They’re really not that heavy. I’ll do a comparison once I get the old ones off the car. The end with the ball joint is a lot longer and of a different design. They are the same part nr as the ones on the Volvo 850. I'm not sure if the tie rods themselves are a different length, although I bought new ones anyway (for a 960), can't hurt to change them after almost 30 years and 300.000km.

Originally Posted by TheLost View Post
Oh, that's not too bad, then! That's pretty cool. I actually think that's a pretty smart system to keep some of the cars I see on the road here in the US, off the road, some of my cars included

But I can respect that. I've always respected the amount of work it takes to make something look like it came from the factory that way, but it's not the life for me. Your swaps on this car look incredibly clean. I can't wait to see what's next, as I've been eagerly lurking on this thread for months haha.
Haha yes I remember that from when I was in the states for a while, a good mix of nicely maintaned stuff to absolute death traps on the road. I prefer the system in the Netherlands over Germany. There your car has to go for a yearly check too, but they just check all safety related things and lights etc (and exhaust gasses but as long as it's within limits you can do whatever you want).

Originally Posted by LatentWagen View Post
What a project! Keep it up

Originally Posted by pwaes View Post
Should be a blast to hear and see once it's finished. Will you go all out with the exhausts and have angry neighbours?
Definitely, it'll be as load as I can legally get away with. Maybe add some valves in there that'll bypass a muffler when opened.
In other news, been busy lately with restoring old bits for the front suspension so I can mount everything in 1 go, finished the design for the rear caliper adapters and a plate that’ll space out the hand brake shoes so they sit correctly in the drum of the S60R disc. Also finished 1 of the front adapters for the Cayenne calipers. Decided to mount the front adapters by tapping M14x1.5 (fine thread M14) in the holes on the knuckles. The holes are 12.5mm, which is the exact size you’d need for M14x1.5. I like having a thicker bolt holding them to the knuckles. There is more than enough metal there for this.

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