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The 1800s was partially restored by Adam Westrake, a very particular aircraft mechanic and included a complete rebuild of the original engine, transmission, overdrive, and the brakes. Other than the valve cover, a replacement brake booster, and an alternator, the engine compartment is quite original looking. Upgrades with some vintage Volvo speed equipment that has been collected will happen after the front end is rebuilt and a few other things that are in the works are straightened out.

On the Trans Canadian Highway on the way home with it in overdrive the car was able to do a max speed of about 105 mph. It cruises great at 75 to 85 on the interstates, the engine is spinning at 4000 rpm in overdrive at 85. Final gearing in the P1800 and the 1800s models is 4:56 to 1 so the OD is usually used above about 65mph.
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