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Originally Posted by JohnMc View Post
Very nice looking 1800!

Small question, though. If you're not going for strictly stock appearance with the no-bumpers and knockoffs - why stick to original on the motor? Why not some nice period-appropriate mods like DCOE's and cam/head?
John, Thanks for the good words about the car.

As mentioned in the last post quite a bit of period vintage speed equipment has been collected for this car and the '68 220 station wagon. I now have two Judson Superchargers, one meant for a B18 (picture above) and another that would work well on a bored and stroked B20.

Also have two sets of Volvo Competition Service intake manifolds, a set of vintage Weber 40 DCOEs, a set of 45 DCOEs, and an original VCS air cleaner.

There are a number of things I want to do to this car before going back to finish the head I'm building for use with the supercharger. Hoping to get to all of this next fall or winter and add a cam from Tinus Tuning. It will very soon become my nice weather daily driver again this spring.

What ever I don't use on this car is going to go on the 220 wagon in the future.

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