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Moved the knock sensor to the other side of the block - the port I was using was too close to the head - I never got any knock indications in any of the HG failures. No error codes when checking system. Water droplets on pipe are from where I cleaned the motor after taking the coolant port out.

Going to hook up a det can so I can start adding some timing back to the current map.

Using a 240 turbo 5bar OP sender & guage to monitor fuel pressure - it seemed to be dropping off under load. I had to raise base pressure to compensate for pressure drop when engine is hot. Setting the base pressure to 3bar hot, fixed the pressure drop issue. Problems of 8V non-cross flow head designs - fuel rail is obviously getting hot enough for fuel density to be an issue :(


My XR July2013 - 446AWHP @ 8K rpm

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