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Front probing is a bad practice.

I edited the above post so recheck it for some ideas. Needle probes, sewing needles, terminal test tools, or make a test lead from old components is a good idea too.

Set it to amps and run it inline. I would probably go for the fuse since it's easy to access. This is a 240. Pull the fuse and attach an alligator clip onto each side of the fuse holder and measure. Crap, the fuse may only be for the rear pump. Maybe go under the rear seat and do your main fuel pump tests there.

Also, measure resistance of the ground circuit. Another advanced test is the voltage drop test. V
It's a very strong test for measuring a circuits ability to carry a load. Learn to do that too. It's how you find bad terminal crimps and wires that externally look ok and pass resistance tests.
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