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Originally Posted by turbochimp View Post
It will be difficult to buy all your stuff ahead of time because you are engineering a lot of stuff as you go - so it's not always clear what you will need until you get to that part of the project.
THIS^ 100% Also it depends on what options you want to run. Example FlexFuel E85, A/C, Factory gauges, etc

Money makes things easy. There are standalone harness for every conceivable motor/trans/pcm combo you pick, they can come with dedicated fuse boxes, but prepare for $500-$700.

It all adds up fast.
Again THIS^ 100%... Sloppy can save money, but a clean install takes more specialized parts and integration tactics. Even Sloppy costs real $.

Hell IDK, maybe you are balling out of control and have Benjamins to burn, but really plan on 4-5K to make it happen. +Car cost + Stage 0 / Suspension costs. So plan for 10k all in. At that point, you can buy really great cars that will run 13s already and save money. These conversions are more of a personal novelty, not investments, nor best ET in group, just toys in good fun.
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