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Converting a canadian B21A to EFI is a giant pain in the dick.

So, the carbed manifold has coolant running through it, which comes from ports under the number 1 and number 4 intake ports. They're not tapped for anything, even though on a CIS-based car, the one under #4 is where the thermo time switch goes. So, I tapped that one for 1/4 NPT and plugged it. The port under #1 is a bit too big for a 1/4 NPT tap, so I drilled it out a bit and tapped it to 3/8. Then I had to grind the plug and the LH 2.2 manifold a bit to get it to fit flush with the head. Ugh.

I just finished welding up the cracks in the 90+ manfold. Stainless steel MIG wire is a DREAM for that stuff, although I'm not sure how long it will last. My poor little 110v Lincoln was cranked to 11, but the pre-heating seemed to help a lot. Then I peened the hell out of the weld globs to stretch it out a bit and prevent cracking.

The pulsair studs were too long and holding the manifold out, so they came out too. I'm going to make some plugs on the lathe at work and settle that soon.
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