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Decided to make this an arts & craft weekend after I noticed some broken paint & surface rust forming under the right-side hood hinge. Broke the 12mm bolts loose two weeks ago so all I had to do was take it apart and get to work.

Cleaned off the area, gave it a few primer coats, and topped it off with some Rustoleum white I had laying around. The paint match is not perfect, but it's better than letting it rust.

Gave some other parts a few coats of paint while I was there. The touch-up job on the core support isn't very good, so I'll have to redo that one.

Hopefully I didn't bend the "good" hinge but the hood looks fairly level and well-supported. We'll find out when I put it back together.

I assure you that this is safe!

The rubber sleeve for the positive cable-to-starter mount showed up from Volvo Classic via Culver City Volvo. Now I can finish up the battery cables and move the car into the garage for the long-awaited timing belt/water pump/cooling service. And I suppose changing out the fuel filter now that the new banjo bolt arrived.

- '83 245 Turbo
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