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I plugged the battery in, started the car, and it coughed to life after four months asleep. It seemed to choke quite a bit but it ran pretty well on the 3/4 sitting in the tank with the new cables and a strong battery.

That's when I noticed the puddle by the front wheel. The fuel filter fitting that I had broken loose was now compromised so I was greeted with a nice puddle of fuel there. Oh, that's probably why the engine seemed to struggle... Guess I know what I'm doing this weekend - time to break in that shiny new breaker bar.

That makes it story #3 of mine that involves fuel leaking out of a motor vehicle. Two of them involve this car. One involves a home-brew race car that was hauled to west Texas in the back of a U-Haul on a trip that I used to dodge jury duty and came back to Sacramento with a bent chassis.

I also learned that the power mirrors still work, so that was nice.

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When I serviced the PCV on my 940 I forgot to tighten that damn alternator nut. I drove it to the gas station and the nut vibrated off and the wire became disconnected. I drove there fine on battery alone (headlights and all) but after I fueled up I couldn't get it started, so I called for help. While I waited, I popped the hood and noticed the loose alternator wire. Luckily I had some zip ties in the door panel! A zip tie makes an okay m8x1.25 nut on the fly if you cinch it up snug! After the jump start, I headed to ace hardware and just guessed it's size and pitch knowing it's metric. Any error could cost me 22 cents. what's the worst that could happen? Perks of being a machinist was that I guessed thread and pitch correctly. Had to mention that since you had an issue with it too. ;)

Moral of the story is always keep a pack of zip ties in the vehicle!

Nice seat score! As far as your opinion on slapstick comedies, Yeah? Well, you know. That's just like uh... Your opinion man...
These cars are a great exercise in problem solving. I always have to use my brain to figure out how this ought to go together. I guess it's time to include some zipties in my emergency kit.

- '83 245 Turbo

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