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Nothing beats good 'ole routine maintenance, but as cars do get older they do get gunk in them. Once in a while I while start to get a little ratter from the valves and I can feel the engine running a little sluggish. I dump half a bottom in the oil, half in the gas. It clears up the gas lines and injectors, and will knock the gunk loose in the engine. But I only add it if I plan on draining the oil in less than 500 miles, just in case. It is also a good idea to run it through the fuel system if it has been sitting for a while; I use it on my motorcyce's gas every spring.

I find its a good thing to use, if being careful, and as others have said, you might find new leaks. As CerebralAilment said, the gunk might be the only thing keeping your engine tight.

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