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Ok, here is something I haven't seen on here. I have a friend of a friend who says he can turbo my 89 240 for 750 - 1000 dollars... Naturally I haven't asked what all that includes yet, but he also said he can get it done in an afternoon. Does this sound generally reasonable from what all of you have seen and done? He said 750 to get it done cheaply, 1000 to get it done right... I assume the 1000 includes the ecu's, and such.. but not sure yet... anyways, I thought I would ask.
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HEY...we're all in this "Volvo stuff" together here @ Camp TBrix...
keeping the "oldies but goodies rockin' down the road"...
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*PICK YER POISON*...either put a raw egg under your gas pedal
and tip-toe around town - *OR* learn to live with the GREAT FUN of
sucking unsuspecting "other brand drivers" into the educational benefits
of NEVER underestimating a "grandpa car" again....hee, hee....

RIP TrickMick You'll be missed
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