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The main difference between the B230f and the B230ft is the lower compression, and the different cam, and the b230ft has a hole stamped in the bottom for the oil return line for the turbo.

The M cam is just fine to leave in. The higher compression is ok too. The hole is stamped in the bottom of the b230f, you just have to drill it out. Other than that, from what I have read most everything else is plug and play. Just collect all of the parts and get it together. It would be better to source all of your parts from the 1990 and later turbos. The bigger mitsubishi turbocharger and the manifolds are better. You could just find a wrecked car and get most of what you would need. Any other things you wouldn't find, you could get from other people on the board.

(the cams in both heads aren't too good, the T and M cams give out after about 4k rpms.)
I hate to nitpick, but I'm going to nitpick.

1. I don't recommend drilling out the oil return hole... and it is a drill-out procedure... not a punch out. Weld a bung onto the pan and be done with it. Here's a pic.

2. The higher compression is ok as long as you didn't stop school in the 3rd grade. The turbo fuel and ignition ecu's are required (not recommended), but even so, they are idealized for the 8.7:1 CR engine... not the 9.8:1 CR engine. Don't pay attention just once, run a tank of bad gas and you will blow it up. See most any 500dollar740 posts for evidence.

3. The early Garrett T3 turbos are just fine. They can be run as is, or bolted to the higher flowing 90+ manifold. The mitsu 12b found in 88-89 turbo cars is fine, but relies on the pre-90 manifold. The late mitsu 13c is fine, but tiny.
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