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I see some problems. The upper torque rod when it goes up will hit that plate you put above it. Look at my pics, see the lower side of the subframe towards the back of it, I have nothing there. That upper torque rod needs to be able to go all the way up.

The front part you should leave space to get that front piece that bolts in room to slide in from the top at least. Otherwise the only way to get your subframe in the car is to slip that front part in the hole with the dogbone attached to the back and then bolt the dogbone in. I usually do it the other way myself, bolt dogbone in the back then slip subframe into the dogbone then put that front piece in the hole and then bolt it in. The way you welded the plate in the front, you can't do that....

I think it has something to do with the rest of the rear end and installing the back first is easier or the only way it works. I can't remember off hand.

Can you post a picture of it with an above angle of the bottom side of your subframe. All your pics don't really show that part, the part I think is a problem...

This angle.

See the subframes I weld up, I don't put any metal in the way there. See?

I had to cut that lower plate out as the torque rod hit it. This was the first one I ever did.

Here is your problem area.
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