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I hunted 2 junkyards for a radiator that would fit and had no luck. Some came close but then i thought well its 55 bucks for the JY radiator and only 120 to have the 7XX modded. The 7XX i know cools well so why not go with what the engine was mated to.

As for the fuel pump. The tank on the 145 has no return pipe for the excess of the FPR rail. I put in a brass T so it could go back to the low pressure side of the pumps. i put in a pickup pump on the fender and then a MSD 2225 HIGH PRESSURE IN LINE ELECTRIC FUEL PUMP for the high pressure i need. This one you can mount out of tank and is rated for 282 lb/hr I have connected as of last night and tested the pressure. Its holding at 41. I may have to get a new FPR to raise it just a tad. I have 4 55lb per hr injectors so i think ill be ok with this pump.
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