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Progress ahh hell. Sorry been supper busy with school and grandpa. So took it on the 2000 mile break-in drive. Drove from Portland, OR to reading, CA all back roads 550miles in 1 day 18 hr drive. Many stops to check fluids and the like. Gave me no issue taking 101. had to be EZ on her. After 550 miles i still did not open her up but then drove I-5 from Reading to Sacramento. Kep accelerating then engine breaking to keep the vac sucking oil on all the rings etc. On way back the heater-core control box sprung a leek and had to U pipe it. Then 150 miles from Portland the damb turbo oil line sprung a leek had to add a QT ever 50 miles. that's where the project sits now. I only opened her up on the way back a few times. As after having it break loose in 2nd at 30 and then cherp and hop in 3rd only running 5psi of boost makes me nervous as Ive never had this kind of power. Photos and other updates in the next 2 weeks.
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