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So i have learned a good lesson about not using cheep parts. For the oil line to the turbo i used cheep aftermarket smoosh washers and also for the oil extender arm i used a non volvo o-ring for the part the sits flat on the bloke. This all led to a rather nasty oil leek. It was not dripping but rather RUNNING out the bottom. Also the oil filter relocation arm is supported to on the side of the motor mount on a 740. because i did my own mounts to make it fit i just stuck a bolt there and put some nuts around it to hold it in place. This was a bad idea.

Here we can see the difference in the washers that i used on the left and the volvo ones on the right.

Volvo ones left, mine cheep ones on the right. and yes the inside diameter is larger on my cheep ones.

Here it is all out and it was hell getting it out but way worse to get it all back in.

oh ya did i mention that i had to drive 150 miles like this. Cost me 50 bucks in oil. I went through a quart every 50 miles. And gas station oil is expensive. The plus side is the bottom of my car is now rust protected now.

Here it is all back in leek free. you can see the busing and washer setup i used to secure the support arm with. Used a volvo green o-ring and them volvo washers. Well see if this hold up better.

Oil issue update.

Turns out the pip was cracked. not the flux solder but the pipe had a hairline crack 40% of the way around. about 1mm after the flux mark ends. Must be that after 250,000 miles in a 740 with a 13c tempered it. then after the 15g went on and the motor rebuilt. i must have had the pipe in a new position and the 2000 mile break in made it weaken and crack.

My neighbor has a tig see what he can do.

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