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Originally Posted by cosbySweater View Post
So I hadn't really planned on getting another Volvo earlier then 90, this car popped up on craigslist and I just had to take a look at it.

Car has a few small spots of rust, and a flakey respray on the roof, not to worried about that as it will be covered by a bike rack. Car is extremely straight, and is super shiny, starting to show some patina on the hood and trunk lid. Looked under the hood, original no a/c no power steering car, has 263k on it and it drives great no drifting on the road or anything. Interior is immaculate, I will mostly keep it as a clean daily, I got other crazy projects going on and this one will be the daily for a very long time. Got the car from the original owner, has all the maintenance record since new, got it for a whopping 1008 dollars smogged and reg'd

Nice seats! :D :D :D
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