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Default Alex's 88 760GLE

Update at bottom read and respond dammit!

The 260's dead and almost gone, just too unreliable, and not comfortable for long trips, looked at lots of turbo's and didn't like the top end power surge compared to a bottom end rise of power from my V6, so when I found out I lost my license, I bought this 760 from Angus as he was looking to sell it and I have time to get a car on the road and save a few bucks.

I've replaced the injectors on one bank as one was causing a misfire and I got 6 from ebay and only 4 injector seal kits from FCP when I bought parts.

The plans for this car currently are:

Get it RWC'd (currently need to replace fan motor, front control arm bushes, and other odds and ends, otherwise not much else needed)
Upgrade to Bilstien HD shocks front and rear with Kings springs on the front and the rear, but not sure which spring I should use as I don't want to be cutting anything.
Alarm/remote central locking.
Xenon headlamps
Window's tinted.
Stereo upgraded (will be using old headunit from old car as it worked great and the stock volvo one in this is useless) but after that planned Pioneer Head unit with JBL stereo components.
Replacement interior (stock one is worn, replacement one for car is from an 85 and different shade) Might use 900 seats and door trim even though they won't match the tan interior.
S90 door handles.
900 cruise control.

I still have the manual box from my old car and that will eventually go in, maybe once I've gone to MS or shortly before my 24V motor is ready to slot in and blow the diff up :p

How it could look.

Paint will come up really nice with a proper cut and polish.

Interior needs a lot of work, parts to replace it ready.

Has a little panel damage.

Speed Bumps? No Problem.

88 740T wagon
1964 122s

88 760GLE

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