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Thanks Angus and others, the car is far from perfect, the auto isn't right, it make a few noises from the wheels, the LH 2.2 isn't much better then KJet. And the bodywork is far from perfect, but mostly I can replace them, only the rear quarters have small dents and the big dent above the taillight that I need to fix eventually.

Next to do:
  • Fit the s90 door handles I repainted.
  • Have a go at some underbody trays for less drag.
  • Fit some stiffer springs on the rear as they are way to soft atm (see pic).
  • Repaint my interior trim that's tan to grey and cover all the tan trim bits with grey velour fabric instead, headlining too, all ready to do, just need time.
  • Save up for MS
  • R154 swap as the 24v would kill a M46.
  • Save up for Hydra's and Moonroof.
  • Drive it till I get more money to be able to rebuild my 24V motor with stronger internals ready for a turbo.

This photo is taken of the car on my 1/3 hill with a 8 draw tool chest in the boot, weighing less then a full size adult.

The rear is 2 inches lower then stock and the front is about one, I also want that evened up. Maybe even lower on the front....

And this is my current passenger side indicator as the real one fell out during some spirited driving, and I'm waiting on LT to get me a pair of the 89> headlamps as there aren't any at the wreckers in Melbourne.
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