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I'd say go for it.

In the end, most people poop out on this as they aren't willing to put in the time/money to get it done. They get mid way through and give up. If you are just swapping in an M46 or M47 (or a T5 for that matter), all the parts are reasonably available currently.

Some recommendations:
1. Go to HF and buy the transmission jack. Not the teeny one, but the bigger one that looks like a real floor jack with the bigger plate on it.
2. Buy some really long extensions and some good universal joints.
3. Having some of the ratcheting box end wrenches are nice as well.
4. Have a garage/slab to work on and take your time. If you get in a hurry, you'll f*ck it up.
5. Be sure to get the OD harness (inside and outside) for the M46 if you go that way.
6. Take TONS of pictures as you are taking things apart.
7. Buy a p-touch labeler and use it liberally when disconnecting wiring harnesses.
8. You can't go wrong getting a set of green books.
9. HAVE FUN. This hobby is supposed to be enjoyable. If you get frustrated, take a break (hours, not years) and then get back to it.
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