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OK, another newbie here. This is my third Volvo (01 V70 "Blahhh"), (1995 850glt "still have it and love it") and my new baby, a 1987 240 DL in amazing cosmetic shape. jut slow as an old goat with it's super tuned super stock b230f. I just picked up a 1988 740 turbo with a <80k motor. Yes, I have read and am much wiser now, but...... here is a couple of questions for Ss and Gs anyhow...

1. What is the best downpipe to use? Is there a bolt-on solution, or only custom fab? I am now new cat back....
2. I'm going entire engine swap. The 88 740 t had the AW71and I have the AW70. Will the AW70 handle the 165 or so HP? Yes I'm staying auto beacuase I want to. I won't be racing, just looking for an interesting project.
3. If I do get a little crazy, will the 5 speed manual drop into the 240 without much grief.

BTW, the detail ealier in this thread by Xman regarding the 740 to 240 conversion. Very helpfull.

Thanks, from a newbie.

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