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Austin, congrats on the RWD Turbo Brick and welcome to the club.

Your older brother knows me well.... we PM on a regular basis..... perhaps someday I'll attend another SE event and we'll meet.

My advice for you young man...... don't worry about MAX power at this point, but get the wagon back running. You are doing the right things as the "core" of the machine..... and there are a lot of peripheral power adders you can add as time and money allow.

Are you keeping the stock trans? Didn't notice, but if it's an AW71, be sure to do the accumulator mod, and a 100% FLUSH of the entire system. Nothing prolongs the life of an auto trans like clean fluids. The IPD kit does this task well, and will require about 9 quarts of fluid.

Good luck.... and don't get depressed when things get tough. Remember, this car is an antique! As such, there will always be something that needs attention. However at the core you have a very reliable Swedish tractor.... they were not designed/built for obsolescence as everything today (KIA, Hyundai et al). If you have any questions, shoot me a PM.
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