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The flexplate came shortly after the engine was installed, blue loctite on everything between the engine and trans to make sure we DONT have to do this again. Never having installed a automatic transmission before, its heavy.

Now we slid the TC tight up against the flexplate and tightened all 4 bolts with loctite...

Driveshaft connected back, making sure we lined up our marks we made, and all shift linkage connected back. There was some old trans cooler line that we replaced just to be safe. Its dark at this point (winter time) so we put the car back on the ground and called it a day!

Next up is the turbo, we reclocked the 16t for rwd, fabbed up a bracket to hold the Wastegate actuator (we used a crescent shaped peice of metal off the old a.c. compressor we ripped out earlier, one part bolted to the turbo and the other side a nut and bolt held the actuator in place) and hooked up the water/oil lines.

Ill have to get some more pics with the conical housing installed with the Wastegate bracket.

So with that finally done, that wraps up the rebuild process! Now to start her up and see if we messed anything up!

We started her, super bowl Sunday, on my birthday, around 7 at night. It was dark, we were tired but she started first try! Backed up out the front of garage with her own power and went back into park. Good enough we called it a night.

Soon later, we topped off all the fluids and started her, idle was about 2k and real jumpy. We went thru and tightened all hose clamps, no change. Went and tightened all intake manifold bolts...idle dropped to a nice and steady 900. We had a small problem of connecting the cold start plug to the knock sensor (cs start injector blocked and egr deleted) but with that figured out. I drove it 30 miles back home no problem.

Then about 2 weeks of driving, I couldn't get my boost stable, overboost...and I ended up blowing a transmission cooler line on the interstate and losing 4 qts of fluid instantly. But the aw71 still lives.

I adjusted the Wastegate arm and had no effected to my overboost, I added a mbc (spring and ball type) messed up installed somehow and the ball fell down and into the lower hole instead of being held by the spring. I now know what knock is. 25lbs of boost on stock everything pretty much. No good. So with that fixed, I raised the boost to 12lbs, but it will rise to about 15 but no higher, so we're sticking with that for now.

Aem uego wideband installed (ghetto style gauge mounting) so I can finally see what's happening!
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