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Just got back home from my buddies. Not with the car... Good news, but bad news also. Good news is the transmission tail shaft bushing seemed fine. After closer inspection with the driveshaft off, there is no leak and it doesnt seem to have any play. But the bearing/center mount was thrashed, as well as the center u-joint. Ugh. Its frozen solid.

So, he is going to take it to his shop's go to driveshaft mechanic. He works at a European racing shop, and he can get me a discount :D and I really don't want to tackle the u joints myself. So 100 bucks and ill have it back tuesday with all new u joints, the new center bearing pressed in and installed to the new mount and all reassembled and balanced!

So when we figured out we couldn't proceed with the driveshaft, we replaced the trans mount with the new hd one, and then decided to mess with the new injectors. So I still have to solder and heatshrink but we were a little bit rushed, so until I get the car back, this is what we got with the resistor bypass "mod"

We decided to cut the harness as my connector was so bad, I'm real surprised there were no issues...or was there? (And I know, "caps are for houses not cars" but it will be fixed soon enough)

We also saw that one of my old injectors was broken at the cap and the pin stick open. I guess I found my sticky injector... Ill try to get a better picture, my phone sucks.

Used silicone spray that my buddy swears by, and it worked like a dream on the injector o rings, they slid into place no problem at all, once it dried they were solid. Used a "new" fuel rail with no cold start injector I got from the local jy, finally clearing up my engine bay from hanging wires!

I'm also going to pick up a couple feet of fuel grade 3/8 in hose to replace all the dry rotted fuel hose garbage in the engine bay
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