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I got some fuel hose from the local Napa and some new hose clamps to replace all the fuel line in the engine bay.
But while the car sits, and I wait i start thinking about my next modification...and I'm a little caught between 3 decisions. Basically because I'm not sure what is more beneficial to me and my setup currently. That being a NPR big intercooler to replace the stock Volvo one, or should I start my process in getting a new straight flanged 16t housing with a v-band so I can put a 3 in downpipe on (and it would only be the dp, because no monies) or (the one I'm drawn closest to at the moment) the buchka wasted spark.

I have a 2004 Kia Rio (I know, Kia...) Sitting in my yard with a broken timing belt and probably messed up valve/internals, and I just realized it also uses coil packs instead of a distributor. I couldnt find much on these being successful, but I've read about Hyundai coil packs being used. So why not kia? I would just need a miata power stage, and I can grab a black box ezk from the local jy.

Will my stock intercooler be okay to keep for the time being? As long as I keep my boost lower, <15psi? I know exhaust will help dramatically in the flow of things, especially because I have ported my 90+ manifold. And the wasted spark, well better and more stable spark, "better mileage" , and best of all, no more cap and rotor changes!
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