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Its been almost a week since I've gotten to work on anything...the driveshaft shop keeps giving me the run around, so I will just let them finish when they finish. As long as its sometime this week we will be okay.

I went to the two junkyards over the weekend, there was a 940 that I found the e fan for, but shroud, temp switch and relay were no where to be found . So I grabbed the fan for 20 bucks. Ive seen people mount these to the stock 740 shroud with very little room between the two, ill probably go that route with some metal L brackets and some door trim foam in the gap to keep the suction at the max. I ordered a relay box that I can mount in the engine bay, hopefully where the old air box was, to house the relay and eventually for some upgraded headlights. And then ill most likely just order some new temp switches, one lower temp one for the low speed and a high temp switch or maybe a dash switch for the high speed, as charlestons summers plus its stop and go traffic will probably have the fan cycling way to much.

The other jy had some cool stuff. One old miata In the whole yard which i surprisingly found the power stage and connector still bolted into place!

Then I found a 99? Land rover discovery 2? I shouldve looked better but was to excited when I found these

15 bucks a peice since I left them on the original mounting plate, they only charged me for one "coil pack"
Now I dont have to mess with the Kia packs and maybe have them not work, plus I have an extra!

I'm very eager to start putting some miles on it with the new injectors. Then hopefully soon after wasted spark will come, unless I find a good deal on a decent intercooler first
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