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With not a lot of dollars and a whole lot of time, I was just tinkering around today. I decided to finally deal with my boost creep issue, it hits 12psi fast and then slowly will rise to about 15 till red line. Well I want to raise the boost to 15, but do not want it to creep to 17-18.

I am using the stock 13c wastegate actuator with my 16t, and I believe it is too tight. So i loosened it a full 2 turns and then another half. I also disconnected the MBC and it hit 10 psi and then dropped to 9 and held all the way to red line. I figured that's a good baseline, so I added the MBC back in and cranked that another full turn. I made all associated vac lines as short as possible to try to decrease lag. I have yet to drive it again, but we will found out tomorrow.

Looking over the engine bay, i noticed oil residue on top of my water pump. Cam seal? Valve cover? I bought an ipd turbo cam from a member on here a couple days ago, so I have to replace those seals anyway. Are there any other places it could be coming from?

Along with the oil, I found my coolant to be a little "low" (not at the max), I see coolant has leaked all over my coolant tank and beside the turbo I couldn't find any obvious signs of leaking from any hoses near the area, until i look at my cap.

Good thing I got that other coolant tank from the jy! (And in pretty sure just by glancing at the mounting point, the other style tank won't work)

I also went around the other day and greased all the brakes. I hate brake squeal. And this is the first time I have driven the car with no weird noises! No brake squeal, no ds bearing whine. Ahh its awesome. Almost time for the next oil change!

Some pics of my messy brake greasing process, liberally applying synthetic high temp grease cuts all my brake squeal out! Ideally ill need to get some fresh, non rusted brake hardware, new pins and clips/shims

The pads seem to have a good bit of life left

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