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Boost was to high, not sure exactly but it quickly shot passed the mark I wanted. So i turned it down and it went to about 12, now a quarter turn more and hopefully ill be at 15psi. Nothing much going on today. Its mothers day so we went to the in laws for the day. Just tinkering around again and decided to take some pictures

Here's the oil coming from either the cam seal or the front of the valve cover gasket

Here's my long forgotten about wastegate actuator mount using a moon shaped bracket of the old a.c. compressor

My ghetto "mounted" mbc with super short vac lines

My very, very rough mock up of my mounting plate idea for my bosch 2x2 coil. I will re-create this with the cnc machine at work in partical board. Then ill take it to my friends next door where they can cut it out of steel on their water jet. I will also see about them powder coating it black for me.

Now just some glamour shots of the freshly washed whip!

Notice the license plate decor, thanks bro!

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