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Originally Posted by LC4CARL View Post
Can most muffler shops put together a lo-buck down pipe? Front and rear V-bands, O2 bung for the gauge, flex thingy. What should I expect to pay?

In all sincerity, I haven't worked out how to get this to the shop yet with the turbo in and no exhaust. Does the LH O2 go in the bottom of the manifold? If so, the car should run and I could drive it a mile or two, open after the turbo. Or, I have a factory down pipe. I could leave the factory WG on and, with the factory header, drive it to the shop with that. Then swap the WG there after an hour cool down. Tow dolly?
No but on the 240T log manifold it does.
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Originally Posted by hiperfauto View Post
Folks on here don't know a good deal when they see it.
how psi stock cna support?

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