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Originally Posted by Matt Dupuis
Probably not rare, but I have a collapsed '78 GT space saver spare, plus the appropriate mounts & braces for said tire. Significantly rarer but of questionable origin is the underhood-mounted air compressor I got from the same car, so that the driver could inflate said tire. Rarer still, it works.
Originally Posted by sxybrick
The original space saver tire (never used) and the original air compressor that inflates it, (still in the little blue box-never opened) in my 262C.
I have all of those and the carpet material jack/tool bag as well.

Originally Posted by Matt Dupuis
28mm V6 Sway Bar
I have a 28mm 4cyl sway bar.

I can only think of 3 other "Genuine Volvo Accessories" that I have that haven't been listed on here so far:

1. 200 series sedan rear window shade for inside of car (blue).
2. 200 series side storage holders/pockets. (they go in-between the seat and the door and are made of the same type materials as the 81+ dash. They also come in a hard plastic version of which I gave an NOS set to my friend for a b-day present one year.)
3. I have the led hammer to take the Volvo center locking spoke wheels knock-offs on/off with.

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