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Default Replacing front turn signal and socket

I'm hoping to replace the front right turn signal on my 1994 940 Turbo Wagon.

I noticed the previous lamp mysteriously missing one morning on a road trip, having either been ripped off or jostled out on a bumpy mountain road. How ever it happened, it took the socket with it and left this plastic fitting (not sure what to call it) dangling on a few wires. The wires seem to have originally been held in place by a plastic casing inside of the fitting that has now crumbled and fallen away, leaving them loose.

I've been able to find turn signal replacement tutorials with the socket intact, but not without. I'm wondering if it might be possible to fix the fitting and attach it to a new socket and lamp assembly, or if more is required. Any advice on this process or parts I may be overlooking would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance for any insight!

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