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Originally Posted by Lucky the Smiling Pirate View Post
how many of them say "yeh but its not a volvo anymore!" or something similar?

I think the car as a whole is awesome, but it does nothing to make volvo's in general less lame because nothing in the drivetrain is volvo anymore.

I can't wait to see it back on the road, and DEFINITELY look forward to riding in it one day
Yes but it's still a Volvo... just with a motor swap that has more potential than most Volvo Motors. Thats what makes it different and that's the main reason I have sponsors. You cant argue that fact. Also, what's great about the 200 and 700 series is that you can put in almost ANY motor in them without Cutting, Welding or Tunneling. Leaving the car with lots of options to play with! I also LUV the fact that I am driving a very practical, 5 seater car that can whip up on most super cars. VOLVOS FOR LIFE NICCA! Even if there not "Volvo" powered.

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