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I already talked to them yesterday and they assured me that it is the correct one.

I tried cutting the end that connects to the wastegate and it seems to be fine now. I still have to dial it in - it's definitely a turn or three longer than the old one at the moment, so I now have noticeable lag where before I had almost zero. But the car is driveable for today's errands, and it has boost, even.

If I had to guess I would say that it's possible I have the wrong bracket or my turbo was some kind of unholy hybrid that has the wastegate arm a lot closer to the actuator than a regular T3. Luckily even with the attachment cut, I have a TON of adjustment range with everything nice and securely threaded.

(As an aside, good sir, did you ever find that 937 ECU we were talking about way back when? Now that I have boost again I'm ready to start tweaking.)
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