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Originally Posted by Jorge_ View Post

does anyone know if it is possible to install pistons and liners for a volvo B280 engine(cylinder bore 91mm) in a Renault Z7X/Peugeot ZPJ engine block(cylinder bore 93mm)?Both of them are PRV V6

Thank you
Theoretically you can do the other way around (milling a 2.8 B28F for Z7X liners, pistons and rods) - my DeLorean motor had this done by the previous owner. (Both the owner and the shop who performed the work have vehemently stated that it is not worth the effort and they would never do it again.)

I haven't torn mine down all the way but I am pretty sure the outside diameters are NOT the same - the liners have a similar wall thickness, so increasing bore size means the whole thing has to get bigger. There's most likely a reason it isn't commonly done.

You may want to ask Josh at DeLorean performance or post on DMCTalk, someone there will probably be able to give you some more info.

Can I ask why you want to do this? The 3.0 motors are usually considered better in almost every way imaginable. Most people considering the two motors go with the later one.
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