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The 93mm Liners as we find in sayyyy an Eagle Premier or Dodge Monaco here in the States will slide right into the B-280 block. B-27 and B-28 will not accept the larger liners.

B-280 block has nice cross-bolted main bearings and an oil-water oil cooler.

Going from 91mm to 93mm of boresize takes it from 2849cc to 2975cc.

I'm grinding crankshafts for longer stroke.... All else being the same more displacement is more fun!

FWIW here in the States we got the 'F' or smog heads with 'Swirl' intake ports in the B-280. The Eagle Premier and Dodge Monaco got the 'E' heads which breathe better. All the PRV two valve heads I've seen need desperately to have the exhaust port opened up to remove the lump for 'Pulse Air' that we never got here in the States and continued in all the castings.

Do be sure to toss the Volvo exhaust manifolds and use those found on an EP/DM as they will make for a seat of the pants improvement in power. Yup; one bolt-on (OK; not exactly a bolt-on!) that you will feel in the seat of your pants.

Using the E heads with B-280 F cams on a larger displacement bottom end makes for a very amusing engine. I'd like to try 'E' cams but haven't yet.

I give them the right internals and a turbo. You too can break all the drivetrain whilst laughing yourself silly.
Hello John

Great then!.Yes, i was aware of the differences in performance between the different versions.I personally own a 1992 Peugeot 605 V6 which came with the PRV ZPJ version 12 valve 93mm bore 170HP and 245nm of torque evenfire and counterbalanced, 5speed manual gearbox.Goes like a rocket.It must have the heads similar to the B280 then, because it goes really fast and has 80% of the torque before reaching 2000rpm.Very torquey motor.Doesnt bigger exauhst ports affect low end torque in a negative way?i mean it would be like keeping the exauhst valve open at TDC longer?

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