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Hello John

Great then!.Yes, i was aware of the differences in performance between the different versions.I personally own a 1992 Peugeot 605 V6 which came with the PRV ZPJ version 12 valve 93mm bore 170HP and 245nm of torque evenfire and counterbalanced, 5speed manual gearbox.Goes like a rocket.It must have the heads similar to the B280 then, because it goes really fast and has 80% of the torque before reaching 2000rpm.Very torquey motor.Doesnt bigger exauhst ports affect low end torque in a negative way?i mean it would be like keeping the exauhst valve open at TDC longer?
Your Peugeot will have the 'E' heads with 'E' cams and more compression than the B-280F that we got did.

My fifty cents in a bet says that your Frenchie car got much better exhaust than Volvo fitted to the PRV six. Sadly Volvo didn't seem too interested in developing this engine.... Could have been a real winner; in particular with turbo(s). My turbo Six goes like heck!

You got the Counterbalance arrangement.... The B-280F has empty castings where the bits would go. I very carefully balance them and have smooth runners for it. I'm curious how much nicer it could be with that stuff.... Never seen it in person. Just pictures.
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