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Your Peugeot will have the 'E' heads with 'E' cams and more compression than the B-280F that we got did.

My fifty cents in a bet says that your Frenchie car got much better exhaust than Volvo fitted to the PRV six. Sadly Volvo didn't seem too interested in developing this engine.... Could have been a real winner; in particular with turbo(s). My turbo Six goes like heck!

You got the Counterbalance arrangement.... The B-280F has empty castings where the bits would go. I very carefully balance them and have smooth runners for it. I'm curious how much nicer it could be with that stuff.... Never seen it in person. Just pictures.
It is ridicously smooth they say the volvos premiers and monacos didnt need them that much because of the longitudinal layout.On the other hand Peugeot 605 Citroen XM and Renault Safranes among others have a transversal FWD layout which are more sensitive to engine vibrations therefore they were provided with counterbalance shafts.
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