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Originally Posted by 740atl View Post
You're telling me there are no driveshaft shops in Florida?
Of course not. I'm telling you that there's only one that's less than an hour's drive from me, they couldn't do it (no tooling for the propshaft end) and he didn't know any others that could. Then I called around and every time I said 'Volvo' they said 'nope!'.

If I find one it's likely to be in Orlando and that means I have to spend 2 hours driving there and 2 hours back, then do it again when they finish the work. Or pay to mail the thing to them and have them mail it back, which I doubt will be much cheaper.

Originally Posted by Janspeed View Post
why not forged aluminium? I think it is used for wheel spacers as well. It will be cheaper to machine. and it will be lighter.
Thanks, I'll see about doing it that way.

Originally Posted by Roger-Dee View Post
I would use aluminum for that spacer. No need to go with steel and have it rust over the year. I would try to have it a little less thicker than what he did and maybe use flat head bolt that stay screwed in the adapter.

I did this adapter for Nathan, different purpose but same way of thinking.
Cool! I'll see if I can get a quote next week then.
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