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Originally Posted by gsellstr View Post
Call up the local shop, ask for the manager when you get told they can't retube a Volvo shaft. Ask him what is so different between a steel shaft on a Volvo and a steel shaft on (insert your favorite non-Volvo RWD car here). There ain't a difference.

Personally I'd go that route, but if they won't do it, yeah, go the alum. route.
The owner of the shop told me that they don't have the tooling to attach to the prop end, which is the part I need lengthened. Then he told me that 'nobody' has the tooling for it, except this one place in California. That part is obviously untrue, but the question remains of who DOES have it.

I'm working on a place that does a lot of European performance stuff but I haven't been able to reach them all week. Looks like I'm going to own a big chunk of aluminum soon.
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