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Originally Posted by thelostartof View Post
While those are great I do not really want to put the time and effort into swapping all of the studs and use those nice spacers. Which reminds me I need to install the few sets of longer studs I have here on a few cars.

And hey you called it out so . . . you do not even have 7/9 studs in stock for the front? and are not the rear's 1/2" vs m12?
Rears are 1/2" (same as 240 stud)

For the front, I would recommend using a high quality stud and enlarging the hub a little bit.
I no longer stock the extended studs that I used to and the demand for 740 parts is so low that it does not make financial sense to make the production run necessary to offer them at an affordable price. I may start offering a kit with a stud as I am describing and include a drill bit with it.
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The only safe bet is Ben.
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