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I didn't even realize we failed to set up a 2020 post. I can start it.

The dragstrip in Denver is open. I personally haven't visited this year. It seems fun, but not really my idea of "safer at home". But despite my lack of desire to go racing, I'll take 1/4 mile timeslip submissions if other people are making runs.

The draggy app looks good. But I'm not sure we should encourage that kind of behavior on public roads? Maybe if you go to Mexico for your 1/4 mile, 100mph + runs...

I'm OK with accepting the data, especially this year. It sounds like a fun addition, show off your hard Volvo work, and stay away from racetracks if you need to.

What's everyone's opinions on using something like this?

Originally Posted by RoadRacer4Life View Post
So is there going to be a 2020 post? Considering all this covid crap what are your guys opinions on using a Dragy for 1/4 mile time? Its very very accurate.. I made a couple of passes last night in the beater..

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