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OEM doens't mean anything in regards to quality. OE does.

All it means is that the manufacturer made some part for some new car company at some time. They could have made e-brake covers for a '73 Ford Pinto and they still can call themselves an Original Equipment Manufacturer. It doesn't mean that the part they are selling you is the same as what was fitted to your car originally. Parts counter jockeys and internet sales departments like to throw the term around while knowing that the implication is basically a lie.

Those trailing arm bushings that Lemforder sells are indeed identical to what Volvo is now selling, but the ones they are selling now are not identical to the ones they sold in the past that had a crescent-shaped piece of steel in them. It's most likely another example of Volvo going the cheap route (selling a $6 part for $35) as has become their practice now.

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