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I bought and installed Lemforder tie rods/ends and ball joints on my old 740 and plan to do the same of my 240. When researching manufacturers I had read that Lemforder make OEM-grade stuff. I'm not sure if this is true (internet disclaimer), but my experience was good with those parts.
I always used and recommended Lemforder for Volvo´s but that was when their parts was made in Germany and other european countries.
Now their aftermarket parts are made in China (Not Lemforder factory) and quality went down the drain together with the quality inspection.
I have a pair of new Lemforder tie rod ends that i will not install on my 940, Will order a pair of TRW instead.
Before the rubberboots was also marked with brand but now they are just plain and in a crappy chinese quality that detoriates due to cold and roadsalt.

An example of the issues (Notice the change of logo with a L in a triangle on the parts)

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