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Default 3rd BRAKE LIGHT for Pre-86 Wagons - Any Ideas?

For you fellows (or ladies) out there who may have driven/bought/inherited pre-1986 240s/245s without the 3rd brake light, I am interested to know what - if anything - you have done, what your suggestions might be, and if you could give me some advice.

I am not comfortable driving in town without the 3rd brake light, simply from the standpoint of safety - too many of the less-informed, simply do not care to remain focused enough while driving to notice that not all cars have this feature. Every time I brake in traffic, I cringe, frankly.

There are the universal type LED strips available at the auto parts store, and, of course, there are the later model 245 3rd brake lights available which I could, conceivably, have wired and mounted to the back window of my hatch, but there must be other options as well. I have searched the forum, and haven't found much on this.

If you added a 3rd brake light in your pre-86 240/245, what did you do/what was your solution?

Thanks for your suggestions. If anyone has an extra, I'd be happy to purchase it from you and pay shipping. Just PM me for price, etc. Thanks!
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