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New grommet installed! As I said in the thread I have going in the Maintenance section, the gasket is a little smaller, but it's nothing a thin bead of gorilla glue won't fix. That should get it to hold.

Currently doing my homework for the harness install. Dave Barton included a lot more information than I was expecting, but I dug up an old post from hiperfauto who had the page showing where the different connectors/plugs are located. That was the final piece I needed. I will also need to order a new female connector since the RH. one disintegrated as I took it off.

I also took the roof rack off to get it all cleaned up but I sheared one of the carriage bolts off. It would probably make more sense to just buy a new one, but $8 for some new bolts and some grinding & paint sounds more fun.

- '83 245 Turbo
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