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Just my luck: One of the water pump studs backed out just enough that I couldn't squeeze a 6-point or 12-point wrench or even a rotary cut-off wheel onto the nut. All attempts to use a open-end or locking pliers succeeded in deforming the nut further.

I took a little 6" hacksaw and began hacking off enough of the stud so I could squeeze a wrench over it. It took two days (I found out I bought the wrong blade size after Home Depot closed for the day) and two blades, but I successfully hacked off about 1/8" off the end of the stud, which was enough clearance that I could fit a 6-point wrench onto the deformed mess of the hex nut.

Seriously, having a 6-point wrench made removing the nuts so stupidly easy. Worth the $7 I paid. I wouldn't bother with anything else.

Boy, I sure made a mess of this one. Will be ordering new ones this weekend when I go down to LA for a trip to McMaster-Carr and a date.

I also repurposed a bit of old radiator hose to make this neat little blade guard based on something I read in Popular Mechanics. I'll probably regret hacking up this one since none of the local shops stocked it and I had to order the new one off Amazon.

In other news I've slathered enough Naval Jelly on the battery tray area to clean up just a bit of the corrosion. I'll keep working at it, but I'll definitely have whoever handles the body work replace that when they repaint the engine bay.

Next step: figuring out how to release tension on the drive belts.

- '83 245 Turbo
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