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Originally Posted by Hacksaw116 View Post
Looking good bro! I logged in just to see how you were doing I have always been gentle on ring seals, don't want to damage them... A giant socket works as well as abs coupler but the ABS has more face contact and is waaay cheaper. Good call!
Thanks for the words of encouragement! :D

In other news:

Started laying out the Dave Barton harness. It's not pictured in this photo, but I used green tape to tag the different 2 & 3 pole connectors while it was laid out in the exact orientation in the photos. Much easier than scrambling to identify and plug stuff in.

I also cleaned up the alternator and part of the block. I'm using Walmart's Engine Degreaser, which smells suspiciously like the shower cleaner I've been using for the other engine parts. Hard to believe this car was once something I planned to scrap if it failed smog, but that was before BringATrailer started auctioning these off for silly money...

My new job just informed me that I am to start in three months, so now I have a target to aim for.

- '83 245 Turbo
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