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Finally got my Dave Barton/Elbert Bos harness installed on the engine-side. Still need to order the passenger-side barrel connectors.

It helped to lay it out on the floor as in the picture and mark off the 2/3-wire connectors with tape, which took out all the guesswork and having to orient/re-orient the guide while putting it on. I also had a copy of the greenbook page identifying the block connections (Hiperfauto has one on the forum) marked up with what was what for my B21FT. Prep matters! Made the job so easy that I only broke the junction block cover because I suddenly wanted to re-route the positive battery cable.

My order of operations: Alternator spade (D+), Alternator B, Oil Pressure Senders, harness clamps (took forever getting these on...), CPR, block-mounted connectors, starter connections, and then the ignition coil/relay. Worked pretty well, though snaking my hand under the exhaust manifold heat shield was harder than it should. It helped that the engine had most of its ancillaries peeled back until it was near-longblock state, which made accessing stuff very easy.

As someone who used to design wiring harnesses for a living, I was very impressed with the build quality and engineering that went into this harness. Lengths are just about perfect (would have appreciated an inch less of the alternator D+ cable) and the connectors are nice & solid stuff. Time will tell if it lasts longer than the original one did anyway.

Some gorilla glue and Tamiya putty made the junction block cover look presentable again. I'll give it a coat of black to finish it off.


- '83 245 Turbo

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