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Got a second chance to make some progress on the car this weekend. Spent Monday cleaning up some of the 15W-40 I spilled on the garage and I spent most of the week trimming two of the vacuum lines because the clamps were too close to the new harness than I would have preferred. My date this weekend got cancelled due to work - a disappointment, but this gives me time to get caught up.

A cup brush and brake cleaner did great work breaking up the dirt on the crankshaft pulley hub and locating plates. Simple Green and 1500-grit paper did the rest.

I exercised great caution when cleaning the crankshaft gear to avoid marring any of the mating surfaces. For those I only used a rag with copious spurts of Simple Green with the aim of cleaning between the teeth.

Also planning to cross the water pump job off the list this weekend using this tutorial:

Please excuse the mess, I assure you it was all cleaned to a satisfactory standard. Nothing scares me more than FOD going in the engine...

- '83 245 Turbo
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